Emma Wilson - Teaching Portfolio 2010.

My Teaching Philosophy.


"Education is not a preparation for life:education is life itself." John Dewey.

The statement above underpins my philosophy of teaching, I consider that learning is a life long experience for all and I want to ensure that my students receive an equitable chance to become life long learners. My philosophy draws heavily upon the teaching of John Dewey and Emilio Reggio and I try to incorporate their beliefs into my pedagogical practices providing diverse learning opportunities for all of my students. My classroom will take into account individual learning differences and my students will be given a chance to problem solve and explore through rich and meaningful activities promoting cooperation and discovery.

 I will ensure that my students feel safe and secure and part of a diverse environment celebrating cultural differences and inclusion. 
As a primary school teacher I am looking forward to every day being different, changing plans at the last minute and taking inspiration from the world around me. 

I feel lucky to have chosen a career where I will be rewarded everyday by smiles, laughter and a sense of joy that comes from being part of a school community.